Christy Perry Touhey

Hearing Christy talk about social media was a very valuable experience. Being the web content manager for the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, she knows what she’s talking about.

The same day, I also had the privilege of hearing Anthony Rotolo, Syracuse iSchool professor, talk about the benefits of using social media. His signature class, know by the hashtag #RotoloClass, has been called a “Twitter legend.”

Both professionals spoke about reasons to use social media, and they both agreed on four specific factors; to widen your outreach, to find out more about your audience, to build relationships, and to increase revenue. 

Widen Your Outreach 

No tool has ever existed that allows organizations or individuals to widen their outreach more than social media. With the click of a button, users can instantaneously connect with other users who are potential clients, investors, or audiences. The bigger a network is, the more opportunities there are for growth. 

To Find Out More About Your Audience 

Just as it’s important for your audience to know about you, it’s important that you know about your audience. By looking at what they are posting and responding to, you can better understand what they expect from you or your organization. You can even cater your message to appeal to the audience more. 

To Build Relationships 

So, now that you know about your audience and your audience knows about you, a relationship can start to form. Social media has made it possible for relationships to form without ever having to directly interact with the person. While this can be scary in some cases (the show Catfish is a good example of social media personal relationships gone bad), it can be extremely helpful in the case of organizations and their audiences. 

To Increase Revenue 

If a company uses social media to its upmost efficiency, it can even increase revenue for the organization. Promoting services or offering special deals on different social media platforms encourages audiences to frequent a company’s social media accounts. This ideally results in more revenue for the company.

I really enjoyed Christy’s talk on social media, as well as Professor Rotolo’s. The fact that both of them touched upon four of the same exact reasons for using social media shows that it really needs to be considered an integral part of any organization. It should no longer be thought of as an add-on or a novelty. 


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