To Support or Not to Support – A Nonprofits’ Dilemma

If a nonprofit group endorses another nonprofit on social media, are they hindering their own success?

I recently received an email from an internship supervisor regarding the organization’s Twitter. I manage their Twitter account, and the organization I work for is a nonprofit.

In this email, she said I should never retweet another nonprofit organization, endorse them, or even follow them. She said that it would take away from our organization.

I can see where someone might get this idea, but I have recently learned otherwise.

I am currently enrolled in a class called Social Media in the Enterprise. One of the required texts is a book called Trust Agents by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith. They actually say the opposite of what my supervisor told me.


According to Trust Agents:

  • An organization should promote other companies more than themselves
  • This builds relationships
  • Relationships make people trust your company
  • Organizations have to control their ego and not always post about themselves
  • Organizations should aim to be “one of us”

By censoring the organization’s Twitter page, is my supervisor actually hindering potential success? New theories on the importance of establishing relationships between an organization and other organizations and audiences suggest that this may not be the best route to take.

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